Saturday, 15 October 2011

Buying China Stamps

Collecting and buying China stamps can be fun and challenging. Unlike stamp collecting in your home country, where you can count on friends and family to help you collect by saving their canceled stamps, China stamps must be purchased from other sources.

Collectible China stamps can be rare, expensive issues such as the 'Large Dragon' series from the mid-19th century or new stamp issues that were just released from China Post last week. Almost every stamp can have an appeal to a stamp enthusiast that makes worthwhile to own.

You can buy these stamps online, through mail order catalogs, at stamp collecting shows, in a local stamp dealer shop or on auction. It requires investing time in research as well as identifying honest operators to make purchases from.

You can be purchased online easily through reputable dealers who can be checked out to assure a safe transaction. Purchasing online allows you to make your purchase with the best available information, almost always with the benefit of photos that show the actual stamps being offered. Mail order catalog companies also provide the benefit of photos and pricing to compare with competitors, but in print rather than on a website.

If you wish to buy your stamps in person, you can attend a stamp show or visit a local dealer who displays stamps in a store. Stamp shows can be hit or miss because while collecting China stamps is common in Asia, in Europe and North America it is not be widely showcased at stamp collector gatherings.

Auctions, usually reserved for selling rare stamps, are another forum for finding great pieces at low prices. One exception to the rule is stamps sold on eBay, the world's largest auction company. Not without risk, eBay is a good place to get an idea of what your China stamps may be worth amongst collectors.

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