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T31M - Highway Arch Bridges Souvenir Sheet

This souvenir sheet was issued together with T31 stamps. 

(1-1) 2 yuan, Highway Arch Bridges - Changsha Xianjiang Bridge  公路拱桥 ---- 长沙湘江大桥

This souvenir sheet depicts the Changsha Xianjiang Bridge.  Located in the city of Changsha (长沙), in Hunan Province, Changsha Xianjiang Bridge is the first bridge across the Xinagjiang River (湘江) .  The bridge is located west of Wuyi Road (五一路),  connecting to Yingwanzhen (溁湾镇).  On its southern side, an attached bridge was built leading to the Orange Island (橘子洲).  Date of bridge foundation September 6, 1971 and officially open to traffic on October 1, 1972.  The main design is a double arch bridge made from armoured concrete.

The main bridge has 21 arches, covering a distance of 1,250 meters with 18 piers. Its width is 20 meters. A total of RMB 18 million was invested in the construction and about 800,000 people from various circles of life in the city joined voluntarily in the construction work.

T31M – Highway Arch Bridges  公路拱桥
Issue Date: 1978.11.1
Serial Number:
Scott No.:
Michel No.:
Number of stamps in Set:
2 yuan
Quantity of Issue:
P11½ X 11
Size of Souvenir Sheet:
146 X 70 mm
Size of stamp:
90 X 40 mm
Original Artist:
Lu Tianjiao 卢天骄
Printing Process:
Printing House:
Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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