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T5 - Dazhai Red Banner

Dazhai locates in Xiyang County, Shanxi Province.  Dazhai is part of the once barren, heavily eroded, desolate Loess Plateau and marked in the past by droughts, floods, famines, poverty and low productivity.

In the past, Dazhai production brigade was very poor.  Dazhai's commune members cleared away more than 100,000 cubic metres of sand and stones, built hundreds of stone dams and changed barren mountain into fertile lands using their wisdom, ingenuity, persistence and perspiration.

The villagers of Dazhai had not only built the village into one with well-managed fields.  They also built other engineering marvels such as reservoirs for water storage and aqueducts crossing deep valleys for irrigation.  They allegedly worked on their own on the principle of self-reliance, without any financial and technical support from the government.

In 1964, the great Chinese leader Mao Zedong issued a directive - "In Agriculture, learn from Dazhai", which set up Dazhai as a national agricultural model for all farmers across the country.

September 30, 1974, is the 10th anniversary of  In Agriculture, learn from Dazhai" campaign.   T5 - Dazhai Red Banner, is issued to commemorate and showcase the achievement at Dazhai.   The set of five stamps is listed as follows:

(5-1) 8 fen Revolutionary pride and enthusiasm  革命豪情
(5-2) 8 fen Hard struggle  艰苦奋斗
(5-3) 8 fen Scientific farming  科学种田
(5-4) 8 fen Bumper harvest  大丰收
(5-5) 8 fen Dazhai red flag flies forever  大寨红旗飘万代

(5-1)【Revolutionary pride and enthusiasm】Chen Yonggui (陈永贵) (1915 - 1986), an illiterate peasant from Dazhai, was appointed secretary of the Communist Party branch committee of Dazhai in 1952. Subsequently Chen Yonggui led a peasant movement that successfully turned the harsh environment surrounding Dazhai into an environment favourable to agriculture. He later became a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China and Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China. To remember his root as a farmer, Chen Yonggui always tied a white towel to his head, even on overseas state visits and at other formal occasions.

(5-2)【Hard struggle】The stamp depicts Dazhai's commune members' persistence and struggle that changed the barren mountains into fertile farm lands.

(5-3)【Scientific farming】The stamp depicts Dazhai's commune members using science to aid their hard labour in the field.

(5-4)【Bumper harvest】The stamp depicts truck loads of Dazhai's bumper harvest after a season of hard labour.

(5-5)【Dazhai red flag flies forever】The stamp depicts the spirit (red flag) of Dazhai continues forever.

T5 – Dazhai Red Banner 大寨红旗
Issue Date: 1974.9.30
Serial Number:T5
Scott No.:1199-1203
Michel No.:1207-1211
Number of stamps in Set:5
Denomination:8 fen for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Quantity of Issue:8,000,000 for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Sheet Composition:355 X 7
Size of stamps:60 X 27 mm
Designer:Li Yinqing  李印清
Printing Process:Photogravure
Printing House:Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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