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T20 -- Develop the Mines

Mining of minerals for other uses, such as for fuel, industrial raw materials, construction materials, etc, is known as Mining Industries.

After the founding of People's Republic of China, through geological exploration and public reporting, it was discovered that China has very rich resources of minerals.

On December 31, 1949, during Chairman Mao Zedong's visit to Russia, he met the Chinese student representative Ren Xiang (任湘), and inscribed on his notebook "Develop the Mines" (开发矿业), expressing China's hope of developing the mining industries.  Ren Xiang (1926-), geothermal expert, is also known as the "father of Chinese geothermal".

On December 9,1978, the Ministry of the Posts and Telecommunications of People's Republic of China released a set of four stamps about China's mining industries.  The set was named "Develop the Mines", using Chairman Mao's inscription in 1949. 
(4-1) 4 fen, Reporting  群众报矿
(4-2) 8 fen, An advance group  掘进尖兵
(4-3) 10 fen, Open-cut mining  露天采矿
(4-4) 20 fen, Transportation in the pit  井下运输

(4-1)【Reporting】The stamp design showed vast mountains in the background, and a member of the Tibetan ethnic group reporting mine finding to a member of the geological survey team.  This showed the importance of active public reporting.

(4-2)【An advance group】 The stamp design showed the miners using pneumatic drill for underground tunnelling operation.
(4-3)【Open-cut mining】Open-cut mining is a surface mining technique of extracting minerals  from the earth by their removal from an open pit.  This technique is used when deposits of commercially useful minerals are found near the surface.  The stamp design showed a scene of open-cut mining.

(4-4)【Transportation in the pit】The stamp design showed a mining electric locomotive transporting extracted minerals in underground tunnel.

T20 – Develop the Mines  开发矿业
Issue Date: 1978.12.29
Serial Number:
Scott No.:
Michel No.:
Number of stamps in Set:
4 fen for stamp 1
8 fen for stamp 2
10 fen for stamp 3
20 fen for stamp 4
Quantity of Issue:
10,000,000 for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4
P11 X 11½
Sheet Composition:
5010 X 5
Size of stamps:
40 X 30 mm
高品璋, 孙鸿年, 李庆发, 姜伟杰
Shao Bolin  邵柏林
Printing Process:
Engraving combined with photogravure Gummed
Printing House:
Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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