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T14 - Children of New China

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the nation has attached much importance to the youth and the children, emphasising on their healthy growth and knowledge development, so that they can serve the country after they grow up.

On December 1, 1975, a set of five stamps depicting childen's lives was issued.

(5-1) 8 fen, Conferring a red scarf  授红领巾
(5-2) 8 fen, Writing children's song to the battle field  我写儿歌上战场
(5-3) 8 fen, Study well  好好学习
(5-4) 8 fen, We love labour  热爱劳动
(5-5) 52 fen, Physical training  体育锻炼

(5-1)【Conferring a red scarf】The Young Pioneers of China (中国少年先锋队) is a mass youth organization for children aged six to fourteen in People's Republic of China.  The red scarf is the only "uniform" item.  The investiture ceremony often consists of new members having their scarves tied for them by existing members.  The stamp shows an older member of Young Pioneers of China tying a red scarf for a new member.

(5-2)【Writing children's song to the battle field】This stamp showed the political climate at the time of the stamp issue.  The left side of the stamp depicts the cultural revolution movie shot for Pang Dongzi (潘冬子), an eight year old child who participated in the revolution war in the movie "Twinkle Twinkle Red Star"《闪闪的红星》.  The back of the stamp showed the bulletin "Writing children's song to the battlefield" (我写儿歌上战场).  During the Cultural Revolutionary era, the criticizing campaign (大批判活动) was also held among children.  A girl in the foreground of the stamp arranging bulletins criticizing Lin Biao and Confucius.  Because of this girl's action, this set (T14) was also known as "small critcize" (小批), while the set (T8) was known as "big critcize" (大批).

(5-3)【Study well】Chairman Mao Zedong's inscription for children "Study Well, Day After Day" (好好学习, 天天向上).

(5-4)【We love labour】The stamp shows children of China love and participate in labour activities.

(5-5)【Physical training】The stamp shows a group of children participating in a game of tug-of-war.  Beside studying, physical training is also important for the children.
T14 – Children of New China  新中国儿童
Issue Date: 1975.12.1
Serial Number:T14
Scott No.:1245-1249
Michel No.:1255-1259
Number of stamps in Set:5
Denomination:8 fen for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4,
52 fen for stamp 5
Quantity of Issue:10,000,000 for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4
2,000,000 for stamp 5
Sheet Composition:50 (10 X 5) for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Size of stamps:31 X 38.5 mm for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Designer:Cheng Chuanli  程传理
Printing Process:Photogravure
Printing House:Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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