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T16 -- Live-line Operations

Live-line Operations is the maintenance of electrical equipment, often operating at high voltage, while the equipment is energized.  Maintenance on high voltage power lines is necessary to guarantee the continuous electricity supply to the industrial and agricultural sector.  Many people, men and women, have worked as live-lines operations in the country and deployed into the cities, country sides and villages, etc, to maintain the high voltage power lines.

On September 15, 1976, a set of four stamps depicting activities of Live-line Operations was issued.

(4-1) 8 fen, Moving, checking and replacing Shock-proof Hammer  移动检换防震锤
(4-2) 8 fen, Replacing the Straight Line Insulator  更换直线绝缘子
(4-3) 8 fen, Mechanical repair of Ground Lead  机械检修导地线
(4-4) 8 fen, Inspection and repair of Transformer Oil Switch  检修变电油开关

(4-1)【Moving, checking and replacing Shockproof Hammer】Maintenance of high voltage engerized electrical transmission power line is a highly dangerous operation, it is even more dangerous with the added element of working at height.  Shockproof Hammers are hung on power transmission lines to absorb or reduce vibration energy.  Therefore, to ensure continuous power supply, it is necessary to check and replace damaged shockprrof hammers.  The stamp showed a women worker checking/replacing shockproof hammer on the transmission line, with a greenish mountainous background behind.

(4-2)【Replacing the Straight Line Insulator】Insulators must support the conductors and withstand both the normal operating voltage and surges due to switching and lightning.  The stamp showed two operators replacing the straight line insulator on the pylon.

(4-3)【Mechanical repair of Ground Lead】Overhead power lines are equipped with a ground lead (shield wire or overhead earth wire).  A ground lead is grounded (earthed) at the top of the supporting structure to minimize the likelihood of direct lightning strikes to the phase conductors.  The stamp showed an operator on a boom lift truck checking/ repairing the ground lead on top of the power transmission line.  Background of the stamp showed a rural village scene.  Golden colour indicating a bumper harvesting season.

(4-4)【Inspection and repair of Transformer Oil Switch】Transformer oil helps cool the transformer and also provides part of the electrical insulation between internal live components.  The stamp showed an operator inspecting/repairing the transformer oil switch.

T16 – Live-line Operations  带电作业
Issue Date: 1976.9.15
Serial Number:T16
Scott No.:1286-1289
Michel No.:1296-1299
Number of stamps in Set:4
Denomination:8 fen for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4
Quantity of Issue:7,000,000 for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4
Sheet Composition:50 (10 X 5) for stamp 1, 2, 3, 4
Size of stamps:31 X 38.5 mm
Designer:Wu Jiankun  吴建坤
Printing Process:Photogravure
Printing House:Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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