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T23 - Army and People Are One Family

Whether in wartime or in peacetime, the People' s Liberation Army of China attaches much importance to the relation between army and the people;  support the government and cherish the people “拥政爱民”.

A set of two stamps reflecting the close relationship between army and the people was issued on February 5, 1978.

(2-1) 8 fen United in struggle  团结战斗
(2-2) 8 fen Striving for bumper harvest  共夺丰收

(2-1)【United in struggle】The stamp showed Liberation Army training the local militia on rifle shooting practice on boats, on a great summer day.

After this stamp set was released for sale to the public, it was discovered that this stamp (United in struggle) has "missing denomination" error, i.e. "8 fen" not printed.  A total of 161 "error" stamps was found and withdrew from sales.  A very small number, possibly about 14, were sold to the public.   
(2-2)【Striving for bumper harvest】The stamp showed Liberation Army helping peasants seeding and irrigating in paddy field.
T23 – Army and People Are One Family  军民一家人
Issue Date: 1978.2.5
Serial Number:
Scott No.:
Michel No.:
Number of stamps in Set:
8 fen for stamp 1, 2
Quantity of Issue:
10,500,000 for stamp 1, 2
Sheet Composition:
35 (5 X 7) for stamp 1, 2
Size of stamps:
60 X 27 mm for stamp 1, 2
陈衍宁, 林墉
Shao Bolin  邵柏林
Printing Process:
Printing House:
Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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