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T28M - Galloping Horses Souvenir Sheet

This souvenir sheet depicted six galloping horses from a painting by Xu Beihong.  This painting of six galloping horses was 95 cm long and 181 cm wide and was painted in 1942, at a friend's house in Liangfengya (凉风垭), Chongqing.  

The Chinese inscription on the painting "壬年大暑悲鸿" told of the time the painting was done.

The stamp design is flanked by silver gray laciness, which enhances the Chinese painting's style and makes the design more elegant.


As the price of this souvenir sheet has appreciated very much, there are many counterfeits of this souvenir sheet in the market.  Some of the counterfeits look almost like the real one, but upon close scrutinization, some of the minute differences are:

1. The Chinese inscription "壬年大暑悲鸿" can be seen clearly upon magnification on the real SS, but it is not clear on the counterfeit.

2. The galloping horses are clear on the real SS, but not as clear on the counterfeit.

3. There are only small patches of brown colour (for soil) under the horses on the real SS, but more patches of brown colour on the counterfeit.

4. The grey colour at the side or flank of the stamp is a darker shade on the counterfeit.

5. Gum is even on the real SS, but not as even on the counterfeit.

T28M – Galloping Horses  奔马
Issue Date: 1978.5.5
Serial Number:
Scott No.:
Michel No.:
Number of stamps in Set:
500 fen
Quantity of Issue:
P11½ X 11
Size of Souvenir Sheet:
148 X 98 mm
Size of stamp:
90 X 40 mm
Original Artist:
Xu Beihong  徐悲鸿
Liu Shuoren  刘硕仁
Printing Process:
Printing House:
Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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