Saturday, 31 August 2013

T29M - Arts and Crafts Souvenir Sheet

This souvenir sheet was issued together with T29 stamps.  This is one of a series selected from works shown at the National Arts and Crafts Exhibition held in Beijing in 1968.

(1-1) 3 yuan, Arts and Crafts-Flying Goddesses  工艺美术- 飞天 (壁画)

This miniature sheet reproduces the Flying Goddesses, based on a mural in the Dunhuang caves of two goddesses flying and dancing in the void with beautiful silk ribbons trailing behind them.  This miniature sheet has a strong sense of motion and balanced structure.   The contrast between dark blue background and brightly coloured clothes makes the sky look broad and remote.  Clothes, sleeves and posture of the flying goddess are incisively and vividly drawn in smooth and graceful lines.  Floating clouds add the mysterious tone to the stamp design.

T29M – Arts and Crafts Souvenir Sheet  工艺美术 (小型张)
Issue Date: 1978.8.26
Serial Number:
Scott No.:
Michel No.:
Number of stamps in Set:
3 yuan
Quantity of Issue:
P11½ X 11
Size of Souvenir Sheet:
139 X 90 mm
Size of stamp:
90 X 40 mm
Deng Xiqing 邓锡清
Printing Process:
Printing House:
Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works

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